Testing Services

Through our testing services, aided by our in-house laboratory, we are proud to offer Soil Inspections, Concrete and Field Testing along with many more soils related engineering and testing.

These services include foundation inspections for residential and commercial projects, compaction testing and sampling for gravel pit reclamation & construction projects, along with investigations for arbitration and insurance claims.

Concrete testing

Testing is handled by our CCIL Certified Technicians.

We can facilitate projects from small foundations to multi-story high rise buildings. We are fully trained in handling normal, intermediate and high strength concrete.

Our concrete testing facility is located within our Calgary office. We house a full compliment of concrete testing equipment. Testing includes preparation of test cylinders, measurement of slump and air content & compressive strength of cylinders.

We are equipped to test:

  • Compressive strength of concrete cores.
  • Flexural strength of concrete beams.
  • Plant calibration, core tests, impact hammer and ultra-sonic testing.
  • Unit Weight of concrete.
  • Linear Traverse.
  • Floor and concrete pavement design.
  • Specification review.
  • Repair and reconstruction consulting.
  • Mobile laboratory services.

Field Testing

Soils Testing

Compaction control testing on residential and industrial subdivision, highway and roads utilizing nuclear equipment. Bearing inspection, sulphate (alkali) tests, percolation and water table tests and resistivity surveys.

Field density tests on insitu soil or aggregate, or asphalt pavements by nuclear method, A.S.T.M. D-2922, A.S.T.M. D-2950-71T.


Mix designs, thickness design, coring and analysis, field inspections and supervision. Pavement investigation and evaluations, Benkelman Beam testing equipment.

Residential Bearing Inspection

Evaluation of existent subgrade soils and foundation conditions, plus soil bearing capacity and sulphate conditions of the soil. Recommendations on footing type, size, reinforcing steel and type of concrete to be used.

Laboratory Testing

Our Calgary Laboratory can facilitate a wide range of soils testing including…

  • Moisture Density Relationship
  • Moisture Content
  • Liquid and Plastic Limits
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength
  • Confined Compressive Strength
  • Consolidation Tests
  • Shear Strength Tests
  • Grain Size Tests
  • Visual Classification
  • Soluble Sulphate Tests
  • Drop Tests