Geotechnical Services

Our geotechnical services department assists projects that require field drilling and testing for buildings, industrial plants, gas plants and compressor stations, highways, dams and other earth work projects. Slope stability investigations with slope indicator and piezometer installations. Pile inspections during installation and pile design.

Testing provided on geotechnical investigations will include the following information.

  • Subsurface conditions.
  • Ground water conditions.
  • Insitu soil strengths.
  • Recommendations for foundation systems, footing and pile type foundations.
  • Slab on grade and pavement design and compaction recommendations.
  • Lateral earth pressures for basement walls.
  • Drainage and water proofing systems for the substructure.
  • Selection of fill and compaction standards.
  • Concrete type for the substructure.
  • Elevation of the test holes to a fixed datum.
  • Soluble sulphate content in the soil.

All work is supervised by Professional Engineers with experienced technicians employed in all phases of the work. We will be glad to supply you with additional information on request and to assist you with engineering and testing on any of your forthcoming projects.

Pile Installation Inspection

Curtis GEO Solutions has extensive experience in pile installation inspections. All pile inspections are carried out under the direct supervision of our Senior Engineering Professionals.

As the construction industry grows, so do the advancements in new technologies for this field of work. We are proud to include Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piling to our growing list of experiences. CFA Piling is a new technology to the North American Construction Industry.

Our experience includes various types of piling such as Cast-in-Place, Screw Piles, Driven Steel Pipe Piles, Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piling, and Compacto Piles. Along with our vast experience in installation inspection for piles, we also offer pile design for all of these piling systems.

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